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waldorf question

Question: Why does Waldorf education employ the use of the advent wreath, but have each candle denote a different part of the natural world? For example, homespun Waldorf-inspired homeschool mommy bloggers across the world lit their advent candles for “the world of plants” this week, and last week for “the world of minerals.” There are numerous verses that were invented to go along with this, but I am still a bit confused by it.

 Waldorf doesn’t really pussyfoot around the idea of Christianity (verses about God, stories about the saints, an entire year devoted to stories of the Old Testament), so why invent this different approach to the advent wreath? Why must it be something more than a marker for the weeks to Christmas? Or if you want to go that far, markers to the birth of the Christ child?

 I’m a Lutheran, very liberal and open-minded, but like many Lutherans I’m pretty firmly attached to the traditions of the church and I don’t really like when people mess with them. So…is this nature-based advent wreath typical of the Waldorf classroom, or is it only really found in the semi-Waldorf homeschool realm?

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